Oak Smoked Garlic

Updated: Apr 29

Have you tried our oak smoked garlic?!

Lovingly grown on the Isle of Wight, just a stones throw away from us in Selsey, the smoked garlic has been hot smoked over oak chips to give a wonderful smooth garlic flavour.

During colder autumn and winter months, smoked garlic is a fabulous alternative to regular garlic as it gives a richer, deeper flavour. Some of our favourite ways to use the smoked garlic include: homemade rustic garlic bread, adding to your favourite spaghetti bolognese recipe, adding a chopped bulb into a roasting bird or smoked garlic pesto - YUM! Really, the possibilities are deliciously endless!

If you need another reason to add more garlic to your diet then you may be surprised to know that garlic is a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect against free radicals in the body! Not only that but also has antiseptic properties, acting in two ways, killing both bacteria and fungi, meaning that it is useful in treating mild intestinal infections and acts as a protective agent against these infections if taken regularly. Medicine has never tasted better!

We would love to hear your favourite recipes using smoked garlic.

The Old Piggery Team

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